We have the partners. It’s your choice.

Claim your free trial when registering your new Kawai piano. Find out how our partners Skoove, Tomplay & Zapiano can help you learn the piano.

🎹 SKOOVE – app based piano learning

Receive 3 months of free, interactive online piano lessons when you register your new Kawai piano.

Discover the magic of the piano with the Skoove online piano learning app. Get real-time, interactive feedback and join millions of piano lovers who are making progress every day with Skoove. With Skoove and Kawai you can learn in a modern, app-based way and at any time.

🎹TOMPLAY – Interactive sheet music for your Kawai piano

Gain 3 months of free unlimited access to more than 70,000 interactive music scores when you register your new Kawai piano.

Tomplay provides you with the opportunity to play music alongside high-quality recordings from professional musicians, including Deutsche Grammophon artists. Thanks to its innovative technology, the interactive scores automatically scroll on-screen with the music. With features such as adjusting the tempo of the music, visualising instrument fingerings in real time, looping selected passages, and self-recording, Tomplay enhances your experience of playing your Kawai piano, making it more effective, enjoyable, and immersive.

🎹 ZAPIANO – Video based holistic learning according to the Zapiano method

Receive the Zapiano introductory course for free when you register your new Kawai piano.

With Zapiano® you can experience interactive piano courses specifically for adults, tailored to your musical taste and playing level. Zapiano® offers comprehensive support, personal video feedback, live streams, and exclusive access to the Zapiano® community. Learn piano according to the Zapiano® method – with Kawai and Zapiano you can take the first step on your musical journey of discovery today.

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