Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation choose Kawai pianos!

On 1st September 2022, Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation took delivery of a new fleet of Kawai pianos for their music department, performance areas and common rooms. After meticulous testing on a range of pianos, Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation found their perfect match with thirteen Kawai upright pianos and one Kawai GX-6 grand piano. The new fleet, supplied by Coach House Pianos, was selected to offer their students high quality instruments on which to develop and inspire their musical performance.

Kawai GX-6 in Durham School Chapel

“We’re extremely impressed with the standard of these pianos and have received wonderful feedback from students and teachers. A high-quality fleet of pianos is essential to uphold our reputation as a centre of excellence for music.” said Roger Muttitt, Director of Music and Scholars at Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation.

Based in the heart of the historic and inspiring city of Durham, Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation has its roots in the musical and theatrical traditions of the city and benefits regularly from visiting artists and teachers. The school provides the Cathedral with its Choristers, and many pupils go on to study music or drama at university.

For more about Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation, visit https://www.dcsf.org.uk/

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