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Tone is the rich, resonant sound quality that emanates from a well-crafted piano. A fine instrument should be capable of providing exceptional tone through the full range of musical expression... powerful, delicate, short, long, fast, or slow. Whatever the dynamic requirement, the piano must respond with clear and expressive tone that reflects the player's intentions. Superb tone is the first hallmark of a fine Kawai grand piano.

Selection of the finest woods

Kawai craftsmen use all the senses... smell, sight, touch, and sound... in the selection of wood. But it is only their "sixth sense"honed by years of experience that results in the final selection of wood worthy of a Kawai grand piano.

Solid spruce soundboards

The soundboard is the very heart of the piano's tone. Sensibility and its strength. Today, virtually all of the world's finest concert grand pianos possess a soundboard made of solid spruce.

tree trunk

Only straight-grained, quarter-sawn spruce is chosen for all Kawai grand piano soundboards. Kawai employs state-of-the-art equipment to measure the speed at which sound energy travels across a soundboard. Only those which exceed Kawai's demanding "resonance standards" are selected for the RX Series grand pianos.

Full length ribs

Kawai's spruce ribs span the full length of the soundboard. Kawai engineers have devised a technique for strategically placing ribs in order to direct sound energy to the most responsive areas of the soundboard. This helps balance bass and treble and enhances both power and tone quality.

The Kawai "CORE" system

CORE is an acronym representing "Convergence for Optimum Reflected Energy". This convergence refers to the way the piano's "strength centers" focus toward one central point of the piano's structure. The rim, plate and three underside beams all converge toward a metal connector at the heart of the piano.

The CORE system

The resulting structural focus creates incredible strength as these converging strength centers, now joined and working as "one", provide a solid core foundation that maximizes the reflective capabilities of the rim. Greater power, longer sustain and more resonant tone made possible by optimum reflected energy.

The bridges

Bridges transfer the vibrations of the strings to the soundboard. All Kawai bass bridges are made of the highest quality hard maple or beech. Treble bridges consist of 13 vertical layers of hard maple and mahogany for maximum strength and optimal transfer of sound. The RX-6 and RX-7 feature a single, continuous bridge which enables a smooth transition between bass and treble registers.

The bridges

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