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Experienced pianists will tell you that all pianos are different. Each instrument has its own unique way of responding to the player's touch. Some feel lighter, others heavier - and the differences can be quite dramatic. Many hours of careful adjustments by a skilled technician can make a piano feel "just right" for a specific player. But if several pianists want to use the same piano, it would be impossible to please everyone... until now.

Kawai proudly introduces the Vari-Touch Piano... an instrument that adjusts to the player's touch. You simply slide the lever to adjust the feel of the piano to suit the way you play. Beginners might select a light touch. Experienced players may choose a heavier touch for rigorous practice. At home or in the practice room, it gives everyone the ability to find the touch that is right for them. The Vari-Touch Piano is the first piano to get really personal... with everybody.

In addition to home applications, it is perfect in an institutional environment with multiple practice rooms. Students will no longer need to wait around until their "favorite" pianos becomes available. With its variable touch settings, the Vari-Touch Piano will become everyone's favorite. The Vari-Touch setting can be changed while you play. The changes take effect instantaneously as you move the lever. No special tools or disassembly required.

And this is how the VTC system works:

Simply move the lever and the VTC action changes the play weigth. A scale makes the setting easier.

Further features of the VT132:

  • Special cast frame
  • Duplex scale
  • Hardened surface in the sheet area
  • "Softfall" Fallboard
  • Perspiration absorbing keycovers

  • dimensions in cm (HxWxD)
  • 132 x 156 x 66
  • weight in kg
  • 252
  • surfaces
  • black polished

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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