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MP 9500

The best just got better!

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MP 9500


As the world's premier builders of acoustic pianos, Kawai has long understood the vital importance of "feel" to the pianist. For this reason, Kawai has been a pioneer in the use of real wooden keys in our digital pianos. The MP9500 features our new AWA Grand PRO action. As acoustic pianos has heavier hammers in bass section and lighter hammers in treble section, AWA Grand PRO uses different hammer weights appropriate for each playing zone. In addition, the lower keys have couter weights for better control when playing very soft.

AWA Grand PRO Action



Kawai sets out to create the best piano sound possible for the MP9500. Inside the soundproof anechoic chamber at our research facility, a team of piano sampling specialists from around the globe began to meticulously record the rich and vibrant tone of the Kawai EX Concert Grand, free from any external noise or coloration. Using state of the art digital equipment, stereo recordings were made of each and every note at a variety of dynamic levels. From this information, Kawai was able to plot an accurate "map" of the EX Piano's harmonic structure. Using our proprietary process of Harmonic Imaging, Kawai is able to manipulate the sample data to ensure that the MP9500 sound is always faithful to the original map of the EX Piano's harmonic and dynamic signature. Harmonic Imaging offers an unparalleled range of dynamic expression and tonal accuracy, from delicate pianissimo to thunderous fortissimo.

To further re-create the Gand Piano experience, the MP9500 also uses Kawai's Virtual Voicing. In a real concert grand, the skilled technician can "voice" the instrument to a particular timbre. Our Virtual Voicing digitally "voices" the internal piano sounds, creating an array of tonal colors never before available in a digital piano. Add to all this our Sympathetic Resonance, which introduces the harmonic information of the un-damped strings, and the result is the most incredible and faithful recreation of a Concert Grand Piano ever!


The MP9500 has 4 zones that can be induvidually set to INT, EXT or BOTH. Each zone can be played individually, or in multiple zones. Multi zones can be freely split, layered and velocity switched to create stunning, personalized performances. For additional control, the MP9500 features Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheels, combined with an extensive array of pedal assignments and options. Four real-time panel knobs can also send MIDI Continious Controllers in real-time, useful in performance or sequencing alike. All parameters and assignments are independent for each zone.


The sleek front panel is laid out to allow instant access to each of the 16 Internal Sounds, nearly every performance parameter, and to a wealth of features all designed to custom tailor the sound of the MP9000. Four multi-function knobs offer the performer Real-Time control of the internal Sounds, the on-board Reverb and Effects, and a responsive Equalizer.

The Reverb hosts seven different types; from a Studio Quality Plate to a caversous Concert Hall. Delay, Rotary Speakers, Auto Wah and over 20 other high quality digital effects further enhance the sound. Sounds may be split, layered, switched by velocity, and freely transposed across the keyboard. A bright, back-lit LCD Panel keeps track of the current settings.


Kawai's dedication and commitment to the professional performer is evident on the rear panel as well. Fixed level XLR outputs for direct connection to a Studio Console or Live Sound System and two assignable pedal inputs round out the usual complement of MIDI, headphone and standard outputs.

MP 9500 with music rack

Music rack and double pedal included.

  • keyboard
  • 88 weighted wood keys, AWA grand PRO action
  • polyphony
  • 64 notes
  • sound generation
  • Harmonic Imaging ® Stereo technology
  • internal sounds
  • 64 in total, from them:8 x Pianos (concert grand, studio grand, mellow grand, modern piano, rock piano, jazz grand, new age piano, honky tonky),12 x E.Pianos, 2 x Clavi, Vibraphone, marimba, 2 x cembalo, 6 x Church Organn, 8 x Drawbar Orgeln, 4 x Strings, 4 x Brass, 8 x Vocal/pad, 8 x Basses
  • reverb types
  • Plate, reverb 1, reverb 2, stage 1, stage 2, room 1, room 2
  • effect types
  • Choirus 1, Choirus 2, Choirus 3, Flanger 1, Flanger 2, ensemble, Celeste, delay 1, Delay2, Auto pan, tremolo, Phaser 1, Phaser2, rotary 1, rotary 2, Auto Wah, Exciter, Enhancer, Overdrive, Distortion, SympRes
  • display
  • 2 x 16 characters LCD with background light
  • controls
  • pitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, master volume, zone volume (x4), zone Edit Choice (x4), zone on/off (x4), real time edit control (x4), control mode switch (x4), EFX on/off, reverb on/off, menu up, menu down (Link mode), value up, value down, sound mode, Set up mode, (system mode), sound /Set up Choice (8x2), store, transpose
  • back side
  • 6,3mm jacks for line out (L/Mono,R); XLR Out (L/R); headphone, damper/soft pedal, foot switch (assignable), expression (assignable), MIDI In / Out / Thru; AC in, power switch on/off
  • parameters for internal zones
  • sound, volume, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity Sensitivity, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-7), pan, transpose (±36), Fine Tuning, Virtual Voicing (mellow, Bright, Dynamic, normal), Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff
  • parameters for external MIDI zones
  • sound nr., volume, bank select (MSB/LSB), MIDI CH, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity Sensitivity, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-12), pan, transpose (±36), Fine Tuning, Knobs A-D (on/off/CC#), TX Channel, TX Program, TX Bank, TX volume, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff
  • system parameters
  • Master Tuning, historische tunings, user Scale, system Channel, Footswitch CC#, expression CC# + Aftertouch, Touch Curve (normal, light, light+, heavy, heavy+, user), LCD Contrast, RCV CH 1-16 Play/Mute
  • dimensions
  • 1466 x 442 x 189 (mm)
  • weight
  • 32 kg
  • accessories
  • F-2r damper+soft pedal and music rack included
  • accessories optional
  • F-1foot switch, V-2OX expression pedal
  • price

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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