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You have several MIDI instruments?

You change often the wiring of your set?

Then the Kawai MAV-8 MIDI Patchbay is something for you!

The MAV-8 is a 4x8 patchbay as rack device (19"). Each of the 8 outputs can be linked or switched off to one of the 4 inputs. The setting can be effected over slides, so that you have also a visual control of it.

3 MIDI inputs and 7 outputs are situated on the rear to minimize the cabling. For the quick change 4 inputs and 8 outputs are situated on the front.

The easily understood switch matrix can be served very simple.

Therefore is the MAV-8 an indispensable and an very inexpensive helper in your daily fight with the MIDI connections.

A mains adapter is included.

  • MIDI Eingänge
  • 4 (einer an der Frontseite)
  • MIDI outputs
  • 8 (einer an der Frontseite)
  • control
  • power switch, 8 MIDI Output Wahlschalter
  • dimensions (BxTxH)
  • 482 x 118 x 44 mm
  • weight in kg
  • 1,7

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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