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CP 115

The new CP115 ensemble is a truly groundbreaking instrument. Using Kawai's exclusive Harmonic Imaging Technology and a new sample library, this instrument reproduces over 600 amazingly authentic instrument sounds.
The Solo part is the third right hand part that can be played alone or in combination with the Right 1 and Right 2 parts. The Solo part also adds tremendous flexibility and power to a registration. Also, a glide effect called Portamento can be added to the Solo part to simulate the natural glide of a solo violin, trombone, whistle, etc.
The Easy Edit Conductor provides a graphical, fun way to mix & match auto-accompaniment phrases. By using the style Conductor a user can create well over one million style variations!
The Song Stylist provides registration for 500 of the most famous and popular songs ever written. With Song Stylist, you'll never have to guess which auto-accompaniment, tempo, and sounds are needed to play your favourite songs. You can search the Song Stylist alphabetically or by musical category.

Harmonic Imaging Technology
The authentic piano sound of Kawai digital pianos starts with the world's finest concert grand piano, the Kawai EX. We recorded the exceptionally rich sound in the "anechoic chamber" at our advanced piano research facility. Our engineers then analysed the unique harmonic structure of the EX and created an extremely accurate sound map for each key across the entire dynamic range. Finally, our engineers and piano technicians worked together to reproduce the excellent sound of the EX concert grand piano. The sound data was digitally tuned and voiced by the ears of our proud piano craftsman. The result is a new level of authenticity in the art of digital piano.

Concert Magic
Even if you've never ever played a single note, now you can play the Concert Performer through the magic of Concert Magic. You provide the rhythm and expression and Concert Magic does the rest. Choose from 176 well-known songs - Children's Songs, Christmas, Hymns, American Classics, and more!
Concert Magic's Note Navigator provides visual clues to the rhythm of the song. By using the Note Navigator a beginner can easily understand the song's rhythm while moving one step closer to playing "real" sheet music.
Many of the Concert Magic songs also contain lyrics. Watch the lyrics and follow the bouncing ball on the LCD screen for hours of musical fun.

The recorder of the CP115 operates exactly like a cassette deck. You can record all you play and all you do with the panel configuration while recording.
It is also a powerful 16 track MIDI sequencer with full editing capabilities for advanced users. You set up the detailed recording options at the beginning and start recording part by part. After recording, you can edit the song you recorded, by track, by measure and even by note.

  • action
  • AHA 3 action with 88 weighted keys
  • sounds
  • over 600 Harmonic Imaging sounds, GM level 2 compatible
  • styles
  • 150 styles with 4 variations and 4 fill ins each
  • Song Stylist
  • over 500 ready registrations of known songs
  • Style Conductor
  • you can generate over 1,000,000 new styles
  • display
  • large LCD display
  • Performance Parts
  • Left, Right1, Right2, Solo with Portamento
  • polyphony
  • 96 notes
  • 1-2 PLAY
  • 150 ready preset registrations
  • user registrations
  • 80 locations for user registrations
  • auto accompaniment
  • One-Finger, Fingered, Full Keyboard and bass inversion
  • Style Control
  • Start/Stop, Intro/Ending1/2, Sync./Fade out, Tap tempo, ACC on/off, 4xVariation, 4xFill in
  • Chord recognition
  • over 64 Chord types and inversions are recognized
  • Easy recorder
  • record, simply like an cassette deck
  • Advanced recorder
  • professional 16-Track MIDI sequencer
  • sound edit
  • you can create and store up to 40 user sounds
  • demo songs
  • 30
  • pedals
  • 3
  • finish
  • rosewood
  • key lid
  • yes
  • jacks
  • headphone x 2, MIDI In/Out/Thru, Line In (Stereo), Line Out (Stereo)
  • speaker
  • 13 cm x 2
  • amplifier
  • 40 Watt x 2
  • dimensions in cm
  • 141 x 56 x 91 (WxDxH)
  • weight in kg
  • 68

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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