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Playing a piano is as much an experience of touch as it is of tone. Hour after hour, day after day, the musician's hands come in contact with the piano's keys. The piano's responsiveness can make a critical difference which can affect the player's performance, confidence and overall playing enjoyment.

Consistent, ultra-responsive touch is a Kawai tradition.

Key material

A piano key must be made of material strong enough to withstand the impact of extremely hard, repeated blows...yet light enough to return to its original position with proper timing under all dynamic conditions. Spruce is the ideal key material. Spruce responds with proper balance and timing on the upward keystroke and is exceptionally resilient to withstand years of heavy use. Kawai uses only solid spruce for the piano keys.

Weighted and balanced keys
Evenness of touch is crucial to the player. Every key must respond uniformly in relation to all other keys on the keyboard. The keys of the RX Series grands are individually weighted and balanced to adjust for differences in hammer size. Weights are scientifically positioned at different points in each key to provide an even, balanced touch across the entire keyboard.
Gewichtete Tastatur
Key surface texture
Many of today's synthetic materials, such as acrylic plastic and phenol, lack the subtle texture and moisture-absorbing properties of ivory and ebony. Normal perspiration from the fingers can cause that type of key to be "slippery" and difficult to play, especially during long performances or in warmer climates.

NEOTEX™ is Kawai's exclusive keytop material made of cellulose fiber. It offers the smooth, understaed texture of natural ivory and ebony...and a semi-porous, silica-filled surface to absorb the hand's natural oils and perspiration. Since NEOTEX™ material is used for both the white and black keys, the feel of the keys will be consistent across the entire keyboard. NEOTEX™ resists cracking and fading over years and years of use.

Action assembly

Kawai's Ultra-Responsive Action™ is the most stable piano action in the world. It is an improved version of the internationally-acclaimed Herz action, preferred by generations of the finest pianists.

The durability of the action was proven above all in practice in countless tests. This is highly regarded in colleges and conservatories, where the instruments are played up to 18 hours daily.

Aluminium action rail
The action rail is the spine of a piano's action. It is the foundation which holds the various action parts together. The "extrusion" process creates an action rail which is both strong and consistent. Aluminum is more stable than wood. It will not warp, crack, expand or contract under any climatic conditions. The result is an action rail which offers a lifetime of stability to the action assembly.

Die-cast action brackets

Because they are made from a custom mold, die-cast parts are formed exactly the same every time. RX Series action brackets, which hold the action rail firmly in place, are die-cast to provide an added measure of strength and uniform stability to the action.


A piano's hammers consist of three components: the hammer moulding, the felt, and the hammer shank. All three play an important role in the hammer's ability to translate the player's intentions to the strings.

Mahogany hammer mouldings

Mahogany hammers are lightweight and extremely responsive. Usually found on only more expensive grand pianos, mahogany is used for hammer mouldings on the entire line of RX Series grands.

Oval-shaped hammer shanks
High treble hammer shanks for the RX Series grand pianos are designed with an oval shape which is thicker through the vertical axis for greater strength to resist bending... and thinner across the horizontal axis to minimize weight. This oval design allows the hammer to move more swiftly, resulting in a lighter, more delicate touch. Kawai uses hornbeam for the hammer shanks on all models in the RX Series line. Hornbeam is a highly durable wood usually found on only more expensive grand pianos.

Hammer felt

All RX Series hammers are reinforced, stapled and double-felted with the world's finest 21 or 21-1/2 pound premium wool felt. All RX Series hammer felt is specially treated to be both moisture-resistant and moth-resistant for long-term durability.



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