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A grand piano animates the senses and expresses symmetry, elegance, splendor, and refinement. For centuries, the grand piano has been a preeminent symbol of grace and beauty.

The beauty of a Kawai grand is the reward of craftsmanship...not just a word at Kawai, but a way of life.

Ebony finishes

The finish of an ebony grand piano is made of polyester... a material which is not only attractive, but durable. It protects against spilled liquids, and other hazards which can badly damage a piano's finish. Polyester is a highly stable material, not affected by changes in humidity. In contrast, wood is a dynamic material which will change in size with changes in climate. Problems can arise if a stable material is applied directly to a changing surface. In this case, polyester can crack or come loose over time if a manufacturer applies it directly to wood.

Kawai uses the most advanced undersurface material available today, called a "phenolic backer", as a buffer layer to provide a solid bond between polyester and wood. The phenolic backer has two main roles:
Evens The Surface.
The phenolic backer smoothes and evens the wood surface, eliminating the slight ridges or waves that would not otherwise be removed, even by fine sanding.
Seals The Wood.
The phenolic backer seals the wood from ambient humidity, thus preventing the wood from expanding or contracting. The result is an exquisite ebony finish that endures.

Hard finish music rack

The music rack must support a variety of music books and music writing implements. Kawai's Hard Finish protects the music rack from being scratched or marred...preserving the piano's beauty.

Music rack

Other finishes

No two piano environments are alike. Architecture, colors, furniture styles and room designs differ widely from place to place. Therefore, it is important to have a selection of grand piano finishes to satisfy a range of tastes and styles.
The RX Series line includes an array of ebony and natural wood finishes to beautifully complement any surroundings.



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