Guide to Excellence

The "Quest for Excellence" demands dutiful thought and attention to every aspect of a fine grand piano. It is thoughtful attention to the subtleties that elevates one's work from the satisfactory to the sublime. At Kawai, detail is the "crowning touch" of excellence.

"Soft Fall" fallboard

The fallboard is designed with a dual-damping mechanism so sensitive that it was dubbed "soft fall". The ultra-slow fallboard closing system protects hands, fingers and the piano's finish from the harm that a jarring close might cause.


Solid brass casters

RX Series grand casters are larger than those used by some manufacturers... making them more durable and easier on floors and carpets. With the mirror-like polish of solid brass, casters add to the beauty of every Kawai grand piano.

Brass casters

Beveled topboard

The attractive routed edge of the topboard accents the stylish beauty of the RX piano's lines.

Beveled topboard

Lid props

Three separate lid props enable the RX Series grands to adapt to specific musical and acoustical requirements.


Black-finished beams

Beams finished in black offer a quiet elegance that can be seen whenever the piano is on stage. The dark beams in front of the light soundboard reach a charming contrast.

The plate

Resplendent with golden hue, the plate and Kawai insignia glisten with the warm satisfaction that accompanies the attainment of excellence.

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