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MP 4 Stage Piano


New software version 2.10 is available offering 4 x 64 Setup memories!
Click here for download!

Real sounds of acoustic piano with maximum 96 note polyphony.
Kawai has set out to create the best piano sound possible for the new MP4. Using our proprietary process of Harmonic Imaging, Kawai is able to manipulate the sample data to EX Piano's harmonic structure with a maximum of 96 note polyphony. In addition, there are operations that simulate the hammer regulation and the sound pedal reverberation when playing. We have also refined the electric piano sounds to be compatible with any genre when performing on stage. MP4 has 8 categories with a total of 64 sounds.

Key Action
Kawai has upgraded the Advanced Hammer Actions and made the variation of the touch even more natural according to each playing zone. The "Acoustic Reaction" has improved the stiffness of the keys when playing. You will feel more resistance of the key to your finger, giving you more control for dynamic expression.

MP 4

Easy to handle on stage/studio
The MP4 has 4 zones that can be individually set to INT, EXT or BOTH. Each zone can be played individually, or in multiple zones. Multi zones can be freely split, layered and velocity switched to create stunning, personalised performances. Also the USB port will allow to ease of communication with a computer during DTM.

Great reverb, well satisfied effect
MP4 has 7 reverb and 20 kinds of standard effects built-in and are able to combine with the sounds that you would like to perform with. Arranging the 4 control knobs, Effect button, EQ buttons, Tone Modify button, and MIDI CC# button on a control panel when performing gives a much more live feeling to your performance.

MP 4

Compact but with great presence on stage
The design is compact but gives a great impression. By using the silver metallic color on an aluminum body, the MP4 will stand out on a stage even more. Also the slightly lean control panel will make your operation smooth and able the LCD panel more easily seen.

Supports the live performance with unique functions
There is function that avoids pressing a button accidentally or able to check the tempo by using metronome function and many other ON/OFF assignments that would serve your performance.

MP 4

MP 4 music stand

MP 4

actionAHA 4 with 88 weighted keys
polyphony96 notes
sound sourceHarmonic Imaging II technology
internal sounds64 : 8 x Piano, 12 x E.Piano, 2 x Clavi, Vibraphone, Marimba, 13 x Drawbar Organ, 2 x Church Organ, Harpsichord, 4 x Strings, 4 x Brass, 8 x Vocal/Pad, 8 x Bass
setup memory4 x 64 (with version 2.10)
reverb types7 types: Plate, reverb 1, reverb 2, Stage 1, Stage 2, Room 1, Room 2
effect types20 types: Chorus, Flanger, Celeste, Ensemble, Delay 1-4, Auto Pan 1-2, Tremolo 1-2, Phaser 1-2, Rotary 1-2, Auto Wah, Pedal Wah, Enhancer, Overdrive
display2 x 16 characters LCD with background light
controlspitch bend wheel, modulation wheel, master volume, zone volume (x4), zone edit selection (x4), zone on/off (x4), real time edit control (x4), control mode switch (x4), SW on/off, EFX on/off, reverb on/off, menu up, menu down, value up, value down, sound mode, setup mode, (system mode), sound /setup select (8x2), store, transpose, metronome
jacks6,3mm jacks for line out (L/Mono,R or 2xMono), headphone, damper/soft pedal, foot switch (assignable), expression (assignable), MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB, mains, power switch on/off
parameters for internal zonessound, volume, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity compression, velocity offset, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-7), pan, zone transpose (36), Fine Tuning, Virtual Voicing (Mellow, Bright, Dynamic, Normal), Stretch Tuning, Temperament, FSW CC#, EXP CC#, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff, EQ
parameters for external MIDI zonessound nr., volume, bank select (MSB/LSB), MIDI CH, zone hi, zone lo, velocity switch (Off, Soft, Loud), velocity switch level, velocity compression, velocity offset, damper (on/off), FSW (on/off), EXP (on/off), mod wheel (on/off), bender (on/off), bender range (0-12), pan, transpose (36), Fine Tuning, Knobs A-D (on/off/CC#), TX Channel, TX Program, TX Bank, TX volume, Attack, Decay, Release, Cutoff
system parametersMaster Tuning, VolumeAction, Line Out Mode, Local on/off, system Channel, Touch Curve (Normal, Light, Light+, Heavy, Heavy+, USER), LCD Contrast, LED Brightness, MIDI Multi mode, RCV CH 1-16 Play/Mute, Dump, Reset
dimensions in mm1356 x 340 x 172 (WxDxH)
weight20,5 kg
accessoriesF-1r damper pedal and music rack included
optional accessoriesF-1 foot switch, F-2r double pedal, V-20X expression pedal

Audio demos

Concert Grand 1

(1,70 MB)
Classic E.Piano

(1,12 MB)
Concert Grand 2

(2,51 MB)
Deep Space EP Setup 4-7

(2,95 MB)