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KDP 90 Digital Piano


An exceptional introduction to Kawai quality.

Authentic Key Touch

The KDP90’s Advanced Hammer Action IV-F (AHA IV-F) keyboard action has been developed to represent the distinctive touch of an acoustic grand piano. Its springless technology and sturdy construction delivers consistent upward and downward motion for a smooth, natural, and highly authentic piano playing experience. Moreover, just as acoustic pianos utilise heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers, the AHA IV-F keyboard action also employs different hammer weights, appropriately graded for each playing range. Such realistic details provide greater stability during fortissimo passages, while preserving delicate pianissimo control, to satisfy the demands of even the most discerning pianist.

Grand Piano Sound 

The KDP90 digital piano captures the beautiful sound of Kawai’s highly acclaimed EX concert grand piano, with all 88 keys of this exceptional instrument meticulously recorded, analysed and faithfully reproduced using proprietary Harmonic Imaging technology. This unique process accurately recreates the broad dynamic range of the original grand piano, affording pianists an outstanding level of expressiveness ranging from the softest pianissimo to the boldest fortissimo. Additional reverberation effects that simulate the acoustic environment of a recital room, live stage, or concert hall are also applied, resulting in a rich, vibrant acoustic piano tone that delivers breathtaking realism and authenticity.

Digital Piano Convenience

Complementing its authentic keyboard action and rich grand piano sound, the KDP90 offers a variety of useful digital features. For aspiring pianists, the integrated metronome, lesson songs and dual headphone jacks ensure that practise is both productive and engaging, while more advanced musicians will appreciate the alternative instrument sounds, Dual playing mode, and song recorder functions.

The KDP90 is available in selected countries only including the UK.

KeyboardAHA IV-F action, 88 weighted keys with graded hammers
Piano SoundsConcert Grand, Concert Grand 2, Studio Grand, Modern Piano
Other SoundsClassic E.Piano, Modern E.P., Jazz Organ, Church Organ, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, String Ensemble, Slow Strings, Choir, New Age Pad, Atmosphere
Sound SourceHarmonic Imaging System (88 keys sampling)
Polyphonymax. 192 notes
Reverb3: Room, Small Hall, Concert Hall
EffectsYes, preset
Lesson FunctionAlfred or Burgmüller and Czerny lesson songs (depending on market location)
Dual ModeYes, with adjustable balance
Touch CurveLight, Normal, Heavy, off
Recorder3 Songs, max. 15.000 notes
MetronomeBeats: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 3/8, 6/8; Tempo: 10-300 BPM
Other FunctionsDamper Resonance, Brilliance, Transpose, Tuning, MIDI Multi-timbral mode, Auto Power Off
Demo Songs15
Concert Magic Songs40
PedalsGrand Feel System with Damper (Half-Pedal), Sostenuto and Soft
FinishPremium Rosewood
Key LidYes, sliding type
JacksHeadphones x 2, MIDI In/Out
Speaker12 cm x 2
Output Power13 Watt x 2
Dimensions (WxDxH) in cm136 x 40,3 x 85,1
Weight in kg38

Product videos

product video

Audio demos

Concert Grand

(2,80 MB)

(0,97 MB)
Concert Grand 2

(2,73 MB)

(1,24 MB)
Studio Grand

(2,51 MB)
String Ensemble

(1,02 MB)
Modern Piano

(2,12 MB)
Slow Strings

(1,93 MB)
Classic E. Piano

(2,29 MB)

(3,05 MB)
Modern E. Piano

(0,97 MB)
New Age Pad

(1,71 MB)
Jazz Organ

(1,34 MB)

(1,33 MB)
Church Organ

(2,18 MB)

owner's manual (2,15 MB)
brochure(1,11 MB)