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K-500 Upright Piano


With its taller height and newly-designed scale, the K-500 offers a rare combination of power, dynamic range and tonal richness to meet the musical demands of any studio or home environment.

Exclusive Millennium III Upright Action with ABS-Carbon Composites
Duplex Scale (Upper)
NEOTEX Key Surfaces
Double Felted, Mahogany Core Hammers

Millenium III

ActionMillenium III
KeyNEOTEX surface, non-lead key weight adjust
Fallboard"Soft Fall" Fallboard
Tone spreaderyes / upper and lower panel
SoundboardSpruce, tapered
Back post5
Sound rib11
Duplex scaleyes
Caster typdouble
Size in cm (HxWxD)130 x 150 x 62
Weight in kg238
FinishEbony Polish

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