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CP 150 Digital Piano


CP 150 Rosenholz

CP 150 Rosewood

keyboardAWA grand III action with 88 weighted wood keys
sounds300 Harmonic Imaging sounds, from them 40 organ sounds and 10 drum kits
styles128 styles with each 4 variations and 4 fill ins
Song Stylist400 ready registrations of known songs
Style Converterreads and converts styles of almost manufacturer
Style Conductoryou can generate over 1,000,000 new styles
Phrase-to-Stylegenerates styles directly from sequencer or SMF
displaybig graphical LC display
Performance PartsLeft, Right1, Right2, Solo with Portamento
polyphony128 notes
1-2 PLAY128 ready preset registrations
user registrations80 storage places for own registrations
user styles20 storage places for own or converted styles
auto accompanimentOne-Finger, Fingered, Full Keyboard and bass inversion
Style ControlStart/Stop, Intro/Ending, Sync./Fade out, Tap tempo, ACC on/off, 4xVariation, 4xFill in
Choird recognizingover 64 Choird types and inversions are recognized
Easy recorderrecord, simply like an cassette deck
Advanced recorderprofessional 16-Track MIDI sequencer with APG (Auto Phrase Generator)
sound Edityou can create up to 20 own sounds
Micro Inmicrophone input with effects
demo30 demo songs
pedals3 ( damper 8-stage )
surfaces colorrosewood
keyboard coveryes
jacksheadphone x 2, MIDI In/Out/Thru, Line In (Stereo), line out (Stereo), PC-To-Host
loudspeaker13 cm x 2 (with separate box), 2,5 cm x 2
power40 Watt x 2
dimensions in cm (BxTxH)140 x 55 x 92
weight in kg101

Owner's manual (4,81 MB)