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CP116 Ensemble Piano



The new developed Concert Performer series is absolutely fantastic with a huge number of technical and musical highlights:

- More than 600 sounds on board.

- The 182 incredible style arrangements will fascinate you!

- The large-sized LCD shows you all the important informations very clearly.

- The easy operation system allows you to work with the instruments almost always without the manual.

The Concert Performer CP116 uses exclusive Harmonic Imaging Technology with a sample library of more than 600 amazing genuine sounds.

The CP116 provides the AHA4 action which ensures the feeling of playing on a concert grand.

Harmonic Imaging Technology
The authentic piano sound of Kawai digital pianos starts with the world's finest concert grand piano, the Kawai EX. We recorded the exceptionally rich sound in the "anechoic chamber" at our advanced piano research facility. Our engineers then analysed the unique harmonic structure of the EX and created an extremely accurate sound map for each key across the entire dynamic range. Finally, our engineers and piano technicians worked together to reproduce the excellent sound of the EX concert grand piano. The sound data was digitally tuned and voiced by the ears of our proud piano craftsman. The result is a new level of authenticity in the art of digital piano.

The Advanced Hammer Action IV with Acoustic Reaction technology (AR Technology) is Kawai?s most realistic graded-hammer action ever. The AR technology brings several technical improvements and innovations to the CP116?s action. The result is an action that provides a more life-like feel and gives you more control of dynamic expression from pianissimo to fortissimo.

Just press the Record button and you?re ready to make your own recordings. For more professional results, the Advanced Recorder puts a full-featured, 16-track recording studio at your fingertips.

The Style Maker enables you to generate new styles from your own sequencer recordings or SMF files.

Concert Magic
A Concert Magic is a fun and interactive way to play music, even if you?ve never played before. With Concert Magic, anyone can experience the thrill of playing real music. Many of the Concert Magic songs also offer lyrics? just follow the bouncing ball for hours of Karaoke-style musical fun.

More features

The Easy Edit Conductor function allows you to mix and match phrases to create a hugh number of new style variations.

The Song Stylist feature provides perfect panel setups for 514 of the most popular songs of all time. Simply touch the button beside your favorite song and you?re ready to go. Spend your time playing instead of pushing buttons.

The built-in USB interface allows for direct connection to a desktop or laptop personal computer. Enter the world of computer music and the Internet through one simple connection.

Action88 weighted keys, Advanced Hammer Action 4 with AR technology
Soundsover 600 Harmonic Imaging sounds, GM level 2 compatible
Styles182 styles with 4 variations and 4 fill ins each
Song Stylist514 ready registrations of known songs
Style Conductoryou can generate a hugh number of new styles
Phrase-to-Stylegenerate easily styles directly out of the sequencer or SMF
Displaylarge LC-display
Performance PartsLeft, Right1, Right2
Polyphonymax. 96 notes
1-2 PLAYready preset registrations
User Registrationen160 locations for user registrations
User Styles40 locations for user or converted styles
Auto AccompanimentOne-Finger, Fingered, Full Keyboard and bass inversion
Style ControlStart/Stop, Intro/Ending1/2, Sync./Fade out, Tap tempo, ACC on/off, 4xVariation, 4xFill in
Chord Recognitionover 64 chord types and inversions are recognized
Easy Recorderrecord, simply like a cassette deck
Advanced Recorderprofessional 16-track MIDI sequencer
Demo Songs44
3 PedalsDampfer (half-pedal), Soft (16 functions assignable), Sostenuto
Key Lidyes
Jacksheadphone x 2, MIDI In/Out/Thru, Line In (stereo), Line Out (stereo), USB
Amplifier40 Watt x 2
Dimensions in cm (BxTxH)141,3 x 56 x 92,3
Weight in kg68

Audio demos

Piano Sound

(1,13 MB)
"Classic Piano" Style Demo

(0,57 MB)
Woodwind Sounds

(0,68 MB)
"Vocal & Pad" Style Demo

(1,33 MB)
Drawbar Orgel

(2,70 MB)
"Waltz & Broadway" Style Demo

(1,54 MB)