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CN 4 Digital Piano


With its LESSON function the CN4 supports your music lessons perfectly, since many titles (Czerny, Burgmüller and Beyer) for piano lessons preferred by piano teachers are already stored in the instrument. Just listen to them, exercise only the left or the right hand or record your practices.
Here a overview of the used books:
- BEYER: Preschool in piano play Op. 101 (106 titles)
- CZERNY: Hundred exercises Op. 139 (100 titles)
- CZERNY: Etudes de Mécanisme Op. 849 (30 titles)
- BURGMÜLLER: 25 Etudes faciles Op. 100 (25 titles)

With 305 high-quality instrumental sounds provided with the CN4, the piano sound incorporating Kawai's latest Harmonic Imaging Technology is simply outstanding. Polyphony has now increased to 96 notes for those complex performances, like fast passages using the damper pedal without unexpected instances of note drop off. Sound is enhanced by 6 reverbs, along with 5 chorus', 3 Delay's, tremolo and rotary (2) and a flanger. To take maximum advantage of these incredibly authentic sounds and great range of effects, the CN4 has an 80w stereo speaker system installed. With the pc compatible floppy disk drive you can permanently store all your recordings. Of course you can play also Standard MIDI File Songs in the formats 0 and 1.


action88 weighted keys, Advanced Hammer Action 4 with AR technology
piano soundsConcert Grand, Studio Grand, Mellow Grand, Modern Piano, Honky Tonk, Rock Piano
other instrumentsin total 305 sounds plus 9 Drum Sets, GM 2 compatible
sound sourceHarmonic Imaging II technology
polyphony96 notes
reverb6: Room 1+2, Stage 1+2, reverbs 1+2
effects8: Choirus, Flanger, Tremolo, Delay 1-3, Rotary 1+2
lesson functionyes, 30 x Czerny, 100 x Czerny, 25 x Burgmüller, 100 Beyer
dual modeyes, with balance
split modeyes, split point free changeable
key velocityLight, Light+, Normal, Heavy, Heavy+, off
recorderdisc: 16 tracks, SMF 0+1, Q-80, Q55 internal: 3 songs, 16 tracks, 30.000 notes capacity
floppy disk drive3,5" HD/DD, SMF 0+1, Q-80, Q-55 compatible
metronome / rhythmbeats: 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4, 6/8; Tempo: 30-300 BPM; 100 rhythms
other featuresbrilliance, transpose, MIDI-multi mode, fine tuning, historical temperaments, Concert Magic (88 songs), Lower Octave Shift, Lower pedal on/off, Layer Dynamics, Layer Octave Shift, DISC functions
demo songs25
pedals3: damper, sostenuto, Piano
finishesrosewood, mahogany or cherry
key lidyes
jacksheadphone x 2, USB, MIDI In/Out, Line In, line out
speaker16 cm x 2
amplifier40 Watt x 2
dimensions in cm140,5 x 47 x 86 (WxDxH)
weight in kg50

Audio demos

Concert Grand

(1,66 MB)

(2,93 MB)
Modern Piano

(1,31 MB)